Brother Avenicus

Studious apothecary of the Blood Angels


Renown: 30 (Respected)
XP to spend: 0
XP Spent: 22,000
Rank: 3


Weapon Skill (WS) Ballistic Skill (BS) Strength (S) Toughness (T) Agility (Ag) Intelligence (Int) Perception (Per) Will Power (WP) Fellowship (Fel)
51 33 40 42 51 60 51 42 37

Wounds: 21
Fate Points: 4
Corruption Points: 0
Insanity Points: 0
Personal Demeanour: Studious
Chapter Demeanour: The Red Thirst


Half Full Charge Run
6 12 18 36


Acrobatics (Ag) Trained
Awareness (Per) Trained
Barter (Fel) Basic
Carouse (T) Basic
Charm (Fel) Basic
Chem-Use (Int) Trained + 10%
Ciphers (Int) Chapter Runes Trained
Climb (S) Trained
Command (Fel) Basic
Common Lore (Int) Adeptus Astartes Trained
Common Lore (Int) Deathwatch Trained
Common Lore (Int) Imperium Trained
Common Lore (Int) War Trained
Concealment (Ag) Trained
Contortionist (Ag) Basic
Deceive (Fel) Basic
Disguise (Fel) Basic
Dodge (Ag) Trained
Evaluate (Per) Basic
Forbidden Lore (Int) Xenos Trained
Gamble (Int) Basic
Inquiry (Int) Trained
Interogation (WP) Trained +10%
Inquiry (Fel) Basic
Intimidate (S) Basic
Literacy (Int) Trained
Logic (Int) Basic
Medicae (Int) Trained +20%
Navigation (Int) Surface Trained
Scholastic Lore (Int) Codex Astartes Trained
Scholastic Lore (Int) Beasts Trained
Scholastic Lore (Int) Chymistry Trained +10%
Scrutiny (Per) Basic
Search (Per) Basic
Silent Move (Ag) Trained
Speak Language (Int) High Gothic Trained
Speak Language (Int) Low Gothic Trained
Swim (S) Basic
Tactics (Int) Assault Doctrine Trained
Tracking (Int) Trained
Trade (Int) Chymist Trained

Talents & Traits

Enhanced Healing Apothecary special ability
Furious Assault
Resistance Heat, Poison
Hatred (Tyranids)

Standard Astartes Traints

Astartes Weapon Training
Bulging Biceps
Heightened Senses Hearing, Sight
Killing Strike
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance Psychic Powers
True Grit
Unarmed Master
Unnatural Characteristic Strength (2X), Toughness (2X)

Solo Modes

These are the various solo modes available to the Astartes

Chapter Solo Modes

Blood Frenzy

Codex Solo Modes

Burst of Speed
Emperor’s Grace
Extreme Endurance
Feat of Strength
Mental Fortress
Renewed Vigour

Squad Modes

Chapter Squad Modes

Feel no Pain
Fury of Sanguinius

Codex Squad Modes

Attack Patters
Bolter Assault
Fire for Effect
Fire Support
Furious Charge
Squad Advance
Tank Buster

Defensive Stances
Dig in
Go to Ground
Soak Fire
Tactical Spacing


Astartes Bolt Pistol Pistol, 30m, S/3/-, 2d10+5 X, Pen 5, Clip 14, Rld Full, Special: Tearing
Kraken Rounds 2 reloads
Astartes Chainsword Melee, 1d10+3 R, Pen 4, Special: Balanced,Tearing, Exceptional Craftsmanship (+5 to WS)

Astartes Frag Grenade Thrown, SBx3, S/-/-, 2d10 X, Pen 0, Special: Blast(5)

Astartes Krak Grenade Thrown, SBx3, S/-/-, 3d10+4 X, Pen 6


Mark VI “Corvus” Armour Mk6 is the lightest variant of power armour,a nd has gained a reputation for having a smoother fit to its moving parts (despite them being interchangeable with Mk7 Armour). This small difference has often led to the Corvus suit bing Fitted witha jump pack, for use by an Assaut Marine. The wearer gains a +10 Agility bonus

Location Covered AP Enhanced Str Auto-sense Enh. Osmotic Gill Life Sustainer Pain Supressant Doses
Full 8/9 +20 +10 Yes 6


Narthecium 10 doses of De-tox
Repair Cement
Deadlock Toxin 5 doses
Data Slate

Genophage Toxin


Brother Avenicus

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