Inquisitor Selana Malek

Mysterious and potent Inqisitor of the Ordo Xenos


Not much is known about her personally. But, she has amassed an impressive dosier and list of heretics killed or captured. She is known to be very erudite. She studies her subject, their background, the strengths and weakness thoroughly.

Physically, she stand about 5’8" tall with long red hair. She wears a finely-crafted body suit with armor plates built in along with a heavy, high-collared leather cloak. At all time she keeps her keen mono-blad handy, as well as a flamer pistor (a weapon of choice among the Inquisition). But, her main weapon is her mind; figuratively and physically. Her preparation always gives her an advantage, but she is also a noted psycher with great power.

She is very comfortable with power. She commands respect from many power figures of the Imperium. And from the enemies of the Imperium as well. She has been granted immense resources by the holy Inquisition; troops, weapons, starships, and access to Deathwatch Kill-teams. And she uses these assets to her advantage. She has order exterminatus on at least three separate systems to stem infection of warp-induced heresy.

Inquisitor Selana Malek

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