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Andrukah is an imperial world located Rimward of the Hadex Anomaly and Coreward of the Orpheus Salient. It is a secluded system with only one habitable planet. It was colonized early on in the settlement of the Jericho Reach and has remained steadfastly loyal to the Imperium.


Andrukah is a mostly arid planet with vast deserts and arid mountains. There are a few belts of more moderate and fertile grounds. Andrukah is known to have dust storms and wind in most locations. Dry lightning is also not uncommon.

Population & Importance

Andrukah is an imperial research world. It is home to research and analysis laboratories. Research is done to determine the most effective means of combatting the primary threats to the Jericho Reach; Tyranids, Tau, and Chaos. More detailed information as to exactly what goes on is not known to even high-level commanders. It is forbidden knowldege known to a very select few in the Imperial Navy High Command, the Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and Astartes Chapter Commanders.

The last known population count is approximately 1.5 billion souls. This is a relatively low count for a world of this size. Despite the arid condition, food is abundant due to regular shipments from agworlds. Technological marvals allow what little moisture there is to be captured in condenser farms and this is supplemented by some shipments from off-planet.


The main defense for Andrukah is secrecy. It is difficult to identify it as an important world based solely on the military and other shipments to and from the system. As well as known defenses. This is supplemented by an advanced network of Vox-jammers. It is not possible to transmit vox signals to orbiting vessels from most location on the surface. Only specific, controlled location possess the necessary ciphers to penetrate the net.

In addition, there is typically at least one small navy battle-group present. Enough to provide a deterrent but not enough to attract attention. A typical deployment includes a cruiser and frigate, or two frigates and a raider.

There is a garrison of trusted Imperial Guardsmen along with a local Planetary Defense Force (PDF) known as the Seventh Andrukah Rifles. They posses a balance of infantry and some heavy weapons including tanks and artillery, and some air assets.


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