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Each of you will play the role of a Deathwatch space marine in the Warhammer 40k setting. You are the human empire’s most elite warriors. Each of you come from a particular space marine chapter. Each chapter has its own lore, personality, characteristics, and specialties. It functions much like race does in D&D. Beyond that, each of you will have a specialization. This is like Class in D&D. I will be building up some information about these so that you can figure out who would like to play which part.

The lore of the Warhammer is vast . They have about 40 years to build it up and it is dense. Fortunately, clever people have harnessed the power of the web to organize some of this in a searchable form here

Of particular note is the portal for Space Marines

You will find publisher’s content about the game here

Breakdown of Playable Marine Chapters

This section presents a summary of the origin chapters available for characters in this adventure. Each marine must be from one of these chapters originally. Each character now serves in the Deathwatch. Think of these like the race of your character, even though you are all human. The following is a summary of the chapter bonuses and demeanours.

Chapter Bonuses Demeanour
Black Templars +5 Weapon skill, +5 Willpower Zealous
Blood Angels +5 Weapon skill, +5 Agility The Red Thirst
Dark Angels +5 Ballistic skill, +5 Intelligence Sons of the Lion
Space Wolves +5 Perception, +5 Felloship Sons of Russ
Storm Wardens +5 Strength, +2 Wounds Aspire to Glory
Ultramarines +5 to two of choice Honour the Codex
Imperial Fists +10 Willpower Sons of Dorn

Solo and squad mode is a game mechanic of Deathwatch. It allows your characters special abilities and bonuses when working alone or as a unit. To use a squad mode ability a player spends Cohesion points. The entire kill-team shares one budget of Cohesion points. The total number of points is determined by the squad leader. The leader can be any marine in the squad. But some are better leaders than others. Tactical marines tend to make very good leaders. There are Codex ( standard) solo and squad mode abilities available to all marines. In addition, there are chapter-specific abilities that can only be used by members of the same chapter, unless another ability supersedes that rule (see Tactical marine). And example of a Codex Squad mode is Tactical Spacing, which allows players to share their characters one reaction per turn with other players. So, if a given player uses their reaction to dodge an attack and is then attacked again, another player can give him his reaction for that turn to dodge again. The donating player looses their reaction until the next turn. Squad modes only function if marines are within support range of each other. That range is a function of the squad leader.

Chapter Solo Mode Squad Attack Mode Squad Defense Mode
Black Templars Rightous Zeal: Bonuses against deamons Holy Vengeance: multiple melle attacks Armour of Faith:Bonuses to resist psychic attacks, bonus to Toughness
Blood Angels Blood Frenzy: Bonuses in melee Fury of Sanguinius: Bonuses to Str, WS, T Feel no pain: Damage reduction, but may no longer parry/dodge
Dark Angels Stoic Defence: bonus wounds if you don’t move Sustained Suppression: Improved overwatch ability Immovable Defence: Combat bonuses as long as don’t move
Space Wolves Wolf Senses: Re-roll failed perceptions Tooth and nail: attack & defense bonuses to melee Pack Tactice: Can sacrifice reactions to make enemy unable to dodge/parry
Storm Wardens Thunder’s call: 1 enemy gains penalties to attack others Lightening strike: gain surprise round agains foe Shield and Sword: Can parry attack at adjacent marines, bonus reposte attack
Ultramarines Favoured son: Bonuses to squad cohesion Lead by example: Bonuses for squad test, one re-roll per round for squad Rally cry: Restore cohesion points of squad
Imperial Fists Siege Master: Reduce enemy cover bonus, increase own cover bonus Tactical Bolter Drill: increase bolter rate of fire Hold at all costs: Immunity to fear within defended area
The Black Templars
The Blood Angels
The Dark Angels
The Space Wolves
Storm Wardens
The Ultramarines
The Imperial Fists
The Shadow Bolts

Breakdown of Marine Specializations

Your marines specialization is analogous to class in D&D. Each specialization determines your access to certain skills and abilities. It is important to have a good blend of marines. In this game system, lacking crucial skills like Tech-Use or Medicae can ruin a mission. Below are the available specializations to choose from.

Assault Marine
Devastator Marine
Tactical Marine

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