Ultra Pattern Mk IX Sniper Rifle

Just over two metres in length and weighing close to fi fty kilograms, the massive Mk.IX Ultra is as intimidating as it is effective. The Mk. IX is a heavy needle sniper rifl e used by the Deathwatch for long-range anti-personnel and antimateriel work. With its long barrel and powerful scope, the Mk. IX allows a Deathwatch sharpshooter to engage targets with incredible accuracy at very long ranges. The Mk. IX is a highly-respected and revered weapon, and it is often selected as the weapon of choice for Space Marine snipers in many Deathwatch Kill-teams. Each Mk. IX has the following integral systems:

Tailor Made: Each Mk. IX is tailored to fi t the Battle- Brother to which it has been assigned. The weapon’s stock and hand guard are matched to the owner’s size and shooting stance, making carrying, pointing, and shooting the sniper rifl e as easy and natural as pointing a fi nger. While this increases the sniper rifl e’s accuracy, the custom furniture makes it uncomfortable and nearly impossible for anyone else to use it without serious modifi cation. Each Mk. IX is also fi tted with a special security system programmed with the owner’s genetic code. This system, composed of a sensor pad in the weapon’s stock, makes contact with a matching pad in the palm of the glove worn on the Space Marine’s shooting hand. The Space Marine’s genetic data is then transferred to the weapon’s cogitator and analysed. If the cogitator array senses the owner, the sniper rifl e operates as normal. If anyone else attempts to use the weapon, the cogitator will disable the fi ring mechanism. This renders the sniper rifl e unusable until the true owner picks it up again.

30x Scope: This powerful telescopic sight allows the sharpshooter to engage enemies at extremely long range. It as a telescopic sight as found on page 157 of the DEATHWATCH Rulebook.

Suppressor: This combination silencer and fl ash concealer reduces both muzzle fl ash and the signature report of a needle weapon. Any Awareness Tests to locate the sharpshooter via sight or sound suffer an additional –20 penalty and can only be attempted at half the normal distance.

Highly Accurate: With its long barrel, integral recoil compensators, and under-barrel bipod, the Mk. IX is an incredibly accurate and well-balanced weapon. The Mk. IX has the Accurate Quality, and its turbo-chem needle ammunition means that the weapon has the Toxic Quality as well.

Astartes Weapon: While this sniper rifl e is in the Exotic Category, for Space Marines it counts as a Solid Projectile Weapon. This means that the Astartes Weapon Training Talent (see page 113 in the DEATHWATCH Rulebook) is all that is needed for a Space Marine to use this weapon.

Ultra Pattern Mk IX Sniper Rifle

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