The Apothecary is a combat medic. This character is vital to keep the members of the kill team combat-effective when the inevitable damage takes place. The Apothecary is the only specialization that can make use of the Narthesium: the strange medical appendage built in the the Apothecary’s armour.

The Apothecary can choose from the following special skills:

Guardian of Purity

The Apothecary’s careful monitoring of his Battle-Brothers’ gene-seed means that any Space Marine in a Kill-team that includes the Apothecary reduces all Corruption Points he suffers by 2 (to a minimum of 1), as long as the Apothecary has access to his narthecium—a special tool that assists with battlefield surgery.

Create Toxins

Once per day, the Apothecary can create a virulent poison that he can hand out to the members of his Kill-team to help destroy a particular enemy. The Apothecary needs a tissue sample of a particular enemy, his narthecium, and one hour to create the toxins. Once the toxin is applied, the Kill-team’s attacks in the next combat all have the Toxic quality against the enemy type (Tyranid, Tau, etc.) for a number of rounds equal to the Apothecary’s Intelligence Bonus. Creatures with the Daemonic Trait are not affected by this ability. In order to benefit from this ability, the Space Marines in the Kill-team must be in Squad Mode.

Enhance Healing

The Apothecary may restore 1d5 additional Wounds with any successful Medicae Test for First Aid.


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