Assault Marine

Assault Marines are close-combat experts. They are the only marines that begin the game with a jump jet. They are used to close with the enemy very quickly and engage in fierce melee combat. They tend to be in the line of fire quite a lot. However, they are capable of wreaking havoc amount enemy formations.

Angels of Death

The Assault Marine gains the Swift Attack Talent.

In addition, choose one of the following

Wing os Death

The Assault Marine may add 20 metres the movement rate of his Jump Pack with a successful Challenging (+0) Pilot (Personal) Test. When making a Charge whilst using this ability, the Space Marine adds an additional 1d5 Damage to any melee attacks. This ability only functions when in Solo Mode.

Wrathful Descent

When making a Charge against a Horde, the Assault Marine may inflict an additional 1d10 damage to the Horde’s Magnitude after a successful melee attack. This ability only functions when in Squad Mode.

Assault Marine

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