Devastator Marine

The Devastator marine is the heavy-weapons master. He is adept at the largest and most powerful weapons that are portable enough to carry. They are armed according to the mission at hand. They commonly deploy with either a heavy bolter (capable of overwhelming firepower) or missile launchers (effective against hard targets and armor). In many situations firepower is require in order to survive. A skilled devastator can make the difference in a desperate firefight.

A devastator can choose one of the following:

Immovable Warrior

When the Devastator Marine is wielding a Heavy weapon and behind cover, he gains the Sturdy Trait and a +10 bonus to all Ballistic Skill Tests. This ability only functions in Solo Mode.

Unrelenting Devastation

When firing a Heavy weapon, the Devastator Marine inflicts 1 extra point of damage to a Horde’s Magnitude for every hit. If using a weapon with the Blast Quality, he instead inflicts 1d5 extra points of damage to a Horde’s Magnitude (after all other hits have been applied). This ability only functions in Squad Mode.

Devastator Marine

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