Techmarines are another rare breed. They are men with the strength and courage to serve as a Space Marine. But they also have the technical tallent to be indoctrinated in the cult of the Omnisiah: The Adeptus Mechanicus. They are frequently deployed with a mechandrite; a power mechanical arm equipped with tools which enable them to repair or enhance machines in the field. Their expertise in machines frequently saves a mission when critical equipment or vehicles are damaged. They can also use their technical master to overcome security barriers when detection is not desirable. They are frequently gifted in reason and logic, which can come in handy in many situations.

Techmarines can choose from the following special abilities:

Improve Cover

The Techmarine can add a number of Armour Points equal to his unmodified Intelligence Bonus to any cover (see page 246). Improving cover requires one Full Action.

Blessed by the Omnisiah

The Techmarine begins the game with the Mechanicus Implants Trait and the Electro-Graft Use and Mechadendrite Use (Servo-Arm) Talents.


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